Order a taxi in Russian - Useful phrases

Hi everyone

Here is a full list of phrases for ordering a taxi, communicating with the taxi driver and more.

Hope you find them useful!

Best, Angelos

October 30, 2016


Thank you so much. This stuff is extremely useful. I love how you not only explain the phrases to use but also the different ways of doing it and the socially acceptable ways to say it. Thank you!

October 30, 2016

Thank you so much Зоя! Right now I'm listening to Рiдна мати моя! Замечательная песня. Спасибо большое!

October 31, 2016

Пожалуйста! It is in Ukrainian so it has some different words than Russian, but it is a beautiful song, I agree. Вот тексты песен.

October 31, 2016


January 16, 2017


October 31, 2018
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