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  5. "Chúng tôi thấy cô ấy hát."

"Chúng tôi thấy ấy hát."

Translation:We see her sing.

October 30, 2016



We see her sing... does not make sense. would "we watch her sing" be better?


It does make sense because thấy means to see. In other words, seeing does not mean you have to intentionally be looking at someone/something. You could be walking down the street and then hear someone and see them. Watching is xem or coi and is intentionally looking at a particular person or thing. Seeing just means that you have sight of them.


... but how can you see someone singing? For my part, I hear it. My translation (refused) was: we look at her singing)


You can see someone performing an action even if that action involves speech. Like.. you can "see" somebody talking on their phone.


Okay. Maybe it's just because I am not a native speaker, neither việt nor english...


There wasn't a "find" because "thay" is find ...


What's the difference between "thấy" and "xem"?? They both seem to mean "see". Are they interchangeable?


The former means to see while the latter is more of an intentional thing (to watch).


The difference between watch and see is so subtle. I could see, just my own opinion, be interchangable. Oh well. Appreciate the explanations here. Watch is intended (the spy watched his adversary) vs see just unintentional (sounds weird, but...I see suspicious people)

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