"Others have that."

Translation:Andere haben das.

February 10, 2013

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Correct solutions are: Andere haben dies. Andere haben das. It says 'in nominative case, use "Andere" for neuter nouns like "" Like what? Why not 'anderes' instead of 'andere', and 'dieser' or 'dieses' instead of 'dies'?


In this example, 'Andere' refers to an indefinite group, 'anderes' doesn't, it would rather imply a single object, therefore would use an article and the singular verb. I think 'anderes' would rather be translated as 'another'. Let me give you some examples:

My car doesn't have a seat heating, others have that - Mein Auto hat keine Sitzheizung, andere haben das.

This car has no seat heating, another does have that - Dieses Auto hat keine Sitzheizung, ein anderes hat das.

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