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  5. "Η ανεξάρτητη οικονομία."

"Η ανεξάρτητη οικονομία."

Translation:The independent economy.

October 30, 2016



Οξύμωρο σχήμα ? ;)


    Not really, not for an autonomous, self-efficient economy at least. :)


    But does a autonomous/independent (in a literal sense) economy really exist? The only societies i can think of with such are african tribes and maybe north-korea (and i don't think those are good examples to proof the validness of this idea/concept). All the other countries/societies are "stuck" in a mutual dependency.


    True. But human economy (economy is not only a human thing) is dependant in an equivalent way from ecology, something which is seldom effectively acknowledged by economists... and most humans actually. Actually, economical collapse due to ecological and source depletion is way more common historically than most people tend to think. In the current economical Greek situation the phrase above is, sadly, very revealing and meaningful.


    You forgot the possibility of an economy designed by all of us for all of us. If you can't find it anywhere, it's because we haven't built it yet. Aren't you tired of "canned" democratic solutions? Make something of your/our own, FRESH!!!


    The economy is as "independent" as it is "allowed" by tax exemptions and tax reliefs as well as the subsidies that their government-impersonating employees give to big companies economic agents.

    Your friend (I hope) :-) Kleanthes


    Simple question - not political! What is the etymology of ανεξάρτητη ? Is it without something? Like without rules, and thus independent??

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    Εξαρτώ means "to hang" or "to depend" (and it also used to mean "to lean on something" in Ancient Greek" as an additional meaning). Εξαρτώμαι literally means "to be hanged off of something" but it has the meaning of "being dependent to something/someone". Εξάρτημα means "fixture, part" in the sense that it leans on, hangs on, depends on the other parts.
    Ανεξάρτητος in that sense means (the α- / αν- shows antithesis in Greek) a country/person that does not hang on/lean on something else, ie independent.


    "Όσο πιο καλά τα ξέρεις, τόσο πιο απλά τα λες", που λέει και το τραγούδι. :-)


    Wonderful! Thank you so much. So it pretty much works like in...dependent. I love the way you can work out how Greek words are composed. It really helps.

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