"Er kommt da nicht heraus."

Translation:He cannot get out of there.

February 10, 2013

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Why does this imply that he can't get out? It seems more like that he isn't getting out, from his own choice, no?


I'd say it depends on the context. Consider "The stain in the carpet doesn't come off." or someone is in prison and you say, "He isn't coming out of there."

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    Well, it accepted my translation of "He does not come out of there".


    Correct solution: He bin not come out of it.

    I am not a native english speaker, and I don't know if this reported correct solution is a mistake or not.


    Native english speaker and I have no idea what that sentence means. Definitely a mistake


    What about someone locked in a room?

    • "Correct solution: He bin not come out of it."

    The issue with that "correct" English sentence is the words used. Maybe if it said "He can not come out of it", but not "bin". "Bin" is a container, like a garbage bin, or a storage bin.


    He cannot get out of there, does'nt seem a correct translation of, Er kommt da nicht heraus which is more like, he doesn't come out of there. Er kann aus da nicht heraus, would be better translated as, he cannot get out of there. I wish an expert could shed more light on this?


    why it is, out of there? rather than, out there?

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