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  5. "We step down beside the bed."

"We step down beside the bed."

Translation:Lelépünk az ágy mellé.

October 30, 2016



Why is beside "mellé" here instead of "mellett"?


Because you're moving to that spot next to the bed.


Ok, but that's not necessarily true from the English sentence -- there's no direction given.


That is correct. It probably should be accepted either way.
But from a practical standpoint, mellé makes more sense since you're only ending up next to the bed, maybe by stepping down from a ladder or a short stair. If you say mellett, you'd have to spend your whole moving experience beside the bed, and I have a hard time coming up with any situation where that could happen.


Right, ok, that makes sense. Though sense doesn't always rule, at least within the context of these lessons (flying kindergarten teachers, anyone?). :)

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