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  5. "Tem uma aranha no chuveiro."

"Tem uma aranha no chuveiro."

Translation:There is a spider in the shower.

February 10, 2013

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I deem this a useful sentence. When I went to Brazil there were spiders in the showers.


The worst thing ever was when the pest guys sprayed my septic tank. Roaches were coming up from the shower drain. It was pretty horrifying.


When I went to Brazil there were spiders in the showers.

Is there a large number of spiders in Brazil? If there is, why?


It's a tropical country and home to the world's largest and most biodiverse rainforest in the world. There are more and typically larger insects than elsewhere, and where there are more and larger insects, there are more and larger spiders to eat them.


time to burn down the house


I like clean spiders.


The spider is freshening up for a hot date later that evening with a mantis


Don't worry, she won't use much shampoo.


Can "Há" be used instead of "tem"?


Yes, both are acceptable. "Há" is more correct, "tem" is generally used.


Is this a good audio to you? The one above seems clearer to me (I had no idea what she was saying). https://voca.ro/9TLrYBO73xB


Couldn't this be you / he / she have / has a spider..........?


Yes, to avoid confusion duolingo should use há for there is


I think in this case you should handle this more like an expression, not as a pronoun... anyway you'd be right, only here it is more like an expression


Well, as "there to be"in the present is translated as "há" or "tem", if you used he, she, it would have come along, probably, in order to not make it confusing. Btw, who would keep a spider in the shower? That wouldnt make much sense...


It would actually be perfectly correct to say "you have a spider in the shower" in English :) Especially if you were afraid of spiders and needed the person in question to get rid of it.


Never use the shower again


Step 1: Gather your belongings Step 2: Set fire to the house


I'm not sure, but I think Duo is wrong in this one.
chuveiro = shower head
box = shower box
Tem uma aranha no chuveiro = There's a spider ON the shower HEAD

I'm not an anglophone, but I think shower can be a short for shower box but not for shower head.
Note: The spider could also be IN the shower head, but I think it would be a much less common statement.


It's interesting that you don't associate "chuveiro" with the shower cubicle itself. I guess the exact meaning must be regional then because the dictionaries I've looked at seem to say it can mean both the shower head and the cubicle and therefore Duo's sentence makes sense:


  • Objeto de plástico ou metal com vários furos que, colocado na saída de um cano, espalha a água em pingos ou jatos finos sobre quem toma banho.
  • Parte do banheiro, ger. fechada e com piso mais baixo que o do banheiro, destinada ao banho de chuveiro.


  • Crivo por onde passa a água para os banhos de chuva.
  • Compartimento onde está esse crivo.


The only way I can see chuveiro as shower box is as a metonymy. The same way we would say Volta já pro fogão! = Go back to the stove!, where it would mean kitchen (cozinha) as if one was cooking something and left it. But, to be straight: chuveiro means shower head.


I see. Certainly if you live in Portugal "o chuveiro" can mean more than just the shower head as the example "O chuveiro está ocupado" taken from this Portuguese dictionary illustrates: http://www.priberam.pt/dlpo/chuveiro


Isn't is more common to say "banho de chuva" in Brazil? I thought "chuveiro" was how to say it in Portugal


No, we use chuveiro. Banho de chuva is getting wet by the rain / stay under the rain.


Yeah we are talking about a spider with some class here.


I lived in the south of Brasil and always thought the word for shower was banho, because I never heard "tomar banho de chuveiro", it was always "tomar banho".


Yes, banho de chuveiro is not used. Sometimes you may hear "chuveirada".


And a large tarantula entered mine and was never seen again. Took a week to be calm enough use the shower again!


Luckily it never happened to me. I hardly ever see spiders ♥


I hardly ever see spiders ♥

Do you live in Brazil?


I thought you were going to say you hardly ever take a shower ☺


Wouldn't "I have a spider in the shower" be correct too?


No, that would translate as "Eu tenho uma aranha no chuveiro"


I would also say "I have a spider in the shower"


Why "banheiro no castelo" "AT" the castle and " aranha no chuveiro" "IN" the shower?
The correct answers of the two consecutive questions are discordant.


I am going over to Carol's house . She has a spider in the shower. (Carol is terrified of spiders and I just catch them and put them out). This is a perfectly acceptable translation. Not sure why the machine learning algorithms are not catching these by now.


Why is banho wrong here?


Banho is the act of taking a shower.

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