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  5. "Đứa trẻ đang mở cái tủ lạnh."

"Đứa trẻ đang mở cái tủ lạnh."

Translation:The child is opening the refrigerator.

October 30, 2016



can we say ' the kid is.... ' instead?


Of course. Child and Kid are synonims.


How's the pronunciation of "Lanh" here? It sounds way off?


I had a cat who kept opening the refrigerator with his paw when he was hungry. We kept blaming it on my brother until we finally caught the cat in the act. Finally we figured out that if we raised the front legs of the refrigerator just a bit the weight of the door was just enough to keep the cat from opening it.

Now he meows at me, jumping in bed with me and screaming in my ear... Cats are jerks; it's perhaps my favorite aspect of their personalities. :D

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