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  5. "Αυτοί τελείωσαν την δουλειά."

"Αυτοί τελείωσαν την δουλειά."

Translation:They finished the job.

October 30, 2016



Την δουλειά, why is "the work" wrong?


It's included in the alternatives, what was your exact answer?


No! Ιt should be Αυτοί τελείωσαν τη δουλειά τους


I am confused why in the help box, it says her as a translation for την. I decided to change it to their to properly correspond with αυτοί, and then I get it wrong for writing "their".


The hint is not for "her" the possessive determiner (feminine form of "his") but for "her" the object pronoun (feminine form of "him") -- as in sentences such as Αυτός την είδε "He saw her".

In this sentence, though, την is not a pronoun but the definite article; it should be translated as "the".

Hints are not sentence-specific so some of them may not be appropriate for the current sentence.

The system usually tries to sort the displayed hints such that the topmost one is appropriate for the current sentence but even that is not a guarantee as the system can become confused.


Isn't Αυτοί τελείωσαν τη δουλειά correct sentence? why v is used for την here


The robot lady here sounds like she is saying δούλεια, with emphasis on the first syllable. My friends in Σαντορίνη corrected my pronunciation because apparently the difference in stress means "slavery" as opposed to "work/job."


δουλεία is "slavery"

δουλειά is "work"

I don't think δούλεια is a word in standard Greek at all.


My mistake thank you. Either way, one must be careful about the syllables. I called a guy a flea instead of tall the other day.


Another tricky one is βιάζομαι, which has two pronunciations but they are written the same!

The difference is in whether βιά- is one syllable or two.


I wrote They finished her work


I wrote They finished her work

But it only says τη δουλειά "the work" and not τη δουλειά της "her work" -- there is no της "her" in the sentence.


Work was listed as possible response

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