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Japanese Lesson 55: Jobs part 2

Let's continue, shall we?


Director: Kantoku: かんとく: 監督 (supervisor/manager ... etc.)

Career: Keireki: けいれき: 経歴

Police: Keisatsu: けいさつ: 警察
Cop: Omawarisan: おまわりさん: お巡りさん (police officer... but less formal... so much like the American "cop")

Police officer: Keisatsukan: けいさつかん: 警察官

Note: per HappyEvilSlosh this seems to be a more formal version of cop/police officer than "omawari san". ... after staring at it for a little bit I'd say Keisatsukan is more like a single police officer, and Keisatsu would be the police as a whole. :) If we can get a native or more experienced speaker to help clear this up that'd be wonderful! Thank you!

Artist: Geijutsuka: げいじゅつか: 芸術家

Secretary: Hisho: ひしょ: 秘書

Workers: Juugyouin: じゅうぎょういん: 従業員 (employee)

Workers: Roudousha: ろうどうしゃ: 労働者 (laborer/blue collar worker)

Lawyer: Bengoshi: べんごし: 弁護士


The Police

Note: I don't usually put those sentences up because it's just the vocabulary word as Japanese has no articles... and also no plurals

Her father is the director.
Kanojo no chichi wa kantoku desu.
かのじょ の ちち は かんとく です。

They are my workers.
Karera wa watashi no juugyouin desu.
かれら は わたし の じゅうぎょういん です。

My mother is a secretary.
Watashi no haha wa hisho desu.
わたし の はは は ひしょ です。

Are you a lawyer?
Anata wa bengoshi desu ka?
あなた は べんごし です か。


Speaking of words like "Omawarisan"! I have a song for you!

まいご の まいご の こねこちゃん。 あなた の おうち は どこ です か
Maigo no maigo no konekochan. Anata no ouchi wa doko desu ka?
Lost lost kitten. Where is your home?

おうち を きいても わからない。 なまえ を きいても わからない。
Ouchi o kiite mo wakaranai. Namae o kiite mo wakaranai.
[I] ask [about] your home, [you] don't know. [I] ask [your] name, [you] don't know.

ニャン(x8)ないて ばかりいる こねこちゃん。
Nyan (x8) naite bakari iru koneko chan.
Meow (x8) The kitten that always cries.

いぬ の おまわりさん こまって しまって。 ワン(x8)
Inu no omawarisan komatte shimatte. Wan (x8)
Mr. Dog policeman, [you're] in trouble [now]. Bark (x8)

That's only the first verse (there are 2) and it can be argued that this can be translated in a hand-full of different ways. Some that even I think better convey the message... but they tend to leave out words or scramble the sentence and right now my goal is to give you these sentences as word-for-word as humanly possible so you can match the English words to their Japanese counterparts and get a better feel of the language.

I actually had a lot of resources that didn't give a word for word translation and I'd try to sort of reverse engineer the sentences and come up just completely lost when I was first learning. :( no fun.

ANYWAY! If you want to listen to the song here's a youtube video The one that I used to watch that... might have actually had the English attached doesn't seem to be on youtube anymore. :/ So I might put the second half of the song in the comments.

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October 31, 2016



Speaking of the word worker, 作業員 is a neutral word for a manual worker and 会社員 is commonly used for referring to an office worker (even though its kanji mean "company member").


Cop: Omawarisan: おまわりさん: お巡りさん (police officer... but less formal... so much like the American "cop")

Courtesy of Duolingo's reverse course I've discovered there's also 警察官 keisatsukan which looks like possibly the more formal version.

As well as instead of

Workers: Juugyouin: じゅうぎょういん: 従業員

労働者 rōdōsha (which seems to mean more labourer).


Awesome! I'll add those in.
To tell the truth, when I'm not sure which word is correct... or more correct as the case may be... I bomb the question and see what Duolingo corrects it to and go by that. >.> Because Duo will mark me correct on a technicality... The native speakers who go through my lessons, however do not. XD

That's why I generally don't end up putting all the vocabulary words down, I don't know how or in what context to use them all. ;A;

But I'll go ahead and add those two in because you expanded on them. :) Thank you!

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