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"Ela não me apresentou a seus pais."

Translation:She has not introduced me to her parents.

February 10, 2013



i don't understand when you'd use aos versus a in this case...aos seus pais, versus a seus pais


In Brazil there are two ways to refer to nouns. With article and without it. It varies from region to region. In São Paulo, for example, we are used to use the article. In Bahia, I guess they are not so used.

This said, both ways may be correct. And the explanation, altough a little complex is the following:

Consider the sentences : "Mary gave it to John", and "Mary gave it to John and Ruth".

If you use article they will be: - "Maria deu isso a + O JOÃO" --> Maria deu isso ao João. - "Maria deu isso a + O JOÃO e a + A RUTE" --> Maria deu isso ao João e à Rute (contractions are mandatory in those cases)

If you don't use the article, they will be: - "Maria deu isso a + JOÃO" --> Maria deu isso a João. - "Maria deu isso a + JOÃO e a + RUTE" --> Maria deu isso a João e a Rute. ( no contraction is needed since there are not two vowels[preposition and article] together)


Another little mystery solved! Thanks, clayKaboom


Why not "She has not presented me to her parents"?


Why is 'aos meus pais' incorrect?


meus pais = my parents


Apresentam = Present, which is often synonymous with introduce. FYI, to Portuguese speakers :)

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