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I really wish duolingo.com allowed opening a link in a new tab

It seems that the JS for the site overrides all the on-click functionality so that it changes the location of the current tab even I'm holding down the cmd button when clicking.

If I'm in the middle of a lesson and want to pause for a moment to read a discussion in my notification, etc., it'd be really nice if the site would respect the cmd-click function to open a link in a new tab instead of overriding it and leaving the page I'm on in the current tab.

February 17, 2014



I wonder if there is something unique to your system.....or if duolingo has this implemented inconsistently so it works some places and not others.... I run windows 7 pro, IE 10 - and I have been using the 'open in other tab' without a problem.....I don't know if I've specifically tried to do it in 'discussion'.......but when I open 'discussion' in the middle of a lesson, it gives me a pop up...and when I am done reading it, I just close the pop up and continue with the lesson


Have you tried it by clicking on a link while holding down the ctrl button?

I just tested in both Chrome and Safari on mac. If I right click and do "open in new tab" it does work (I didn't try that before), but the normal shortcut of cmd-clicking links does not work (ctrl-click is the Windows equivalent, IIRC).


no, I don't usually use the cmd-clicking -- I usually use the right click....menu........ - have been doing it so long that I just do it automatically - and only go to the cmd-click if it fails...... I did just try the cmd-click from the pop-up on activity( the bell thing in top right corner ) -cmd click did nothing........but the right click-open in new tab worked fine

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