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Grund und Begründung

Germans typically use Grund when asking for a reason. I was surprised at the preference of Begründung. In fact, the verb is perhaps more commom: Kannst du das begründen? I see Begründung more as reasoning or argument. Can you give me your reasoning. Was meint ihr?

October 31, 2016



I'd translate Begründung as "rationale" - it's asking more for the thought process behind something, or something a bit more elaborate and verbose than a simple "reason".


Richtig! Grund ist die dingliche Ursache, Begründung ist die Herleitung, die jemand gibt. (Reason/rational vs cause).


Grund = reason Begründen = Justify


Grund is reason. Etwas begründen is to provide reasons for sth. The prefix be- usually means "to attach" something. Bemalen=to attach paint, beflügeln=to attach wings, benebeln=to attach fog, begrenzen=to attach limits, ...

Kannst du deine Behauptung begründen? Can you give reasons that support your claim?

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