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Problems With Duolingo App

Hi, I study Spanish as an English speaker and everything worked great. Once I finished the tree I started to learn English as a Spanish speaker. Since the start I had many problems with the Android app. My extra lessons (UNIDADES EXTRA) don't work and keep crash the app. But I continues without them and I was ok (even though there are much more crashes or freezing than in the language I learned before). But today it got worse, I can't complete any new lesson or even practice an old one. After 2-3 exercises in any lesson the app is stuck and after a minute or so crash. I am working with an Android (LG G3). It happens both in WiFi and in 4G (tried them both). I tried to restart the app couple of times after closed it completely. I even tried to uninstall it and reinstall it and it still the same. I didn't find any place to send an email to Duolingo about problems so I try my luck here. What can I do? Thanks

October 31, 2016

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Hi, since this is not a question about English, can you please edit your post and change the topic to "Troubleshooting"? I hope you find some help there, this sounds frustrating!


I changed, thanks!

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