"A diákok és a tanárok besietnek az iskolába."

Translation:The students and teachers hurry into the school.

October 31, 2016

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Do you have to say "The students and the teachers" or would "The students and teachers" be acceptable as well.


English and Hungarian are about the same in this regard. You can say "The students and teachers" or "The students and the teachers" just as you can say A diákok és tanárok or A diákok és a tanárok.

It doesn't make any difference to the meaning either way, I don't think. You may as well choose the translation that matches, though.


Thanks for your help, I only asked the question because I wrote "The students and teachers" and was marked wrong.


I agree with that, you can say either. But i see a tiny difference. "A diákok és tanárok" - I imagine them as one group. "A diákok és a tanárok" - They go separately or maybe together.


In English you definitely do not need to repeat "the" in front of both students and teachers.

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