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  5. "O casal comentou sobre eles."

"O casal comentou sobre eles."

Translation:The couple commented on them.

February 10, 2013



Isn´t the translation for sobre, about too?


And that's probably the best answer.

"comentar sobre" is to comment about. The thing you are commenting about doesn't need to be present.

"comentar em (no)(na)" is to comment on. You are probably writing your coments directly onto the subject. Like comments on a document or in a blog.


In English to comment on is, in my experience, more often used to mean that they commented on (made a comment about) a thing/topic, than that they left any sort of mark on the thing.


Do we say comment "about" or comment "on" something? Is "sobre" the must preposition for "commentar"?


Isn't "The couple has talked about them" past tense also?


Yes, but "talk" is a different verb: «falar».

[deactivated user]

    Talked is accepted by DL, and strikes me as the best choice, here.


    Okay...but that is not what the sentence means, really. «comentar» is not the same as «falar», and it has a more negative connotation

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, I understand that, and I agree that at first sight the negative aspect is lost. In English you would write something like:- The couple did not stop making remarks about them. Or, to use argot The couple did not stop dissing them.

      It's difficult to make a compact idiomatic translation of the Portuguese.


      Does casal apply only to married couples? Or can it also mean a boyfriend and girlfriend couple?


      Can someone tell the difference between "The couple commented on them" and "The couple have commented on them ( which was noted as being incorrect)"? Both translate as "O casal comentou sobre eles".

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