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  5. "Oni szukają pryszniców."

"Oni szukają pryszniców."

Translation:They are looking for the showers.

October 31, 2016



Like...shower heads or something?


This comment by sirwootalot may help you understand ;)

As "prysznice" are plural, I'd understand this sentence as people looking for the shower cabins at the swimming pool or in a similar place.


they are seeking showers?


Is becoming harder and harder to detect the plural of words. They end in w and k and feel like they can end in any letter. Probably they're just irregularities


You have to realize, that these are cases of the plurals. If you had a dictionary that listed also plurals, you would find "prysznice" under "showers", and not "pryszniców". Because a dictionary lists the Nominative form, the most basic one. Cases may be the most difficult thing about Polish, but they are crucial. Here, you have Genitive, because the verb "szukać" takes Genitive.


How does one look for showers. One can certainly look for przelotny deszcz. Why would one. I suppose on a hot day.

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