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streak discrepancy...

I just got an alert on my iPad letting me know I have a 47 day streak, as a subtle reminder to work on some French today. in the app, it also says 47 days. however, when I log into the website, it states my streak is only 2 days. and I had been doing the double or nothing lingot challenge, (from the website's "store") and it too thinks I missed yesterday.

definite oddness... and I'm sure I worked on my frenchness yesterday. hmm.

February 17, 2014



It think it has something to do with the Coach feature - apparently today was my 20th day on track on Coach, but I'm doing much better than that. So today is your 47th day on track, but you only have a two day streak. I don't like how it calls it a 'day streak' either :P


I don't know how the coach works, but this feedback is great. I'll upvote it. Maybe others will agree. I think they should have separate names for separate features as well, due to the crossover between app and website users.


Yes, your "streak" of consecutive days you've practiced is not the same as being "on track" with the Coach. You can miss a day, breaking your "streak," but still be "on track."


Yeah...Same thing happened to me too. My mobile app says I haven't lost my streak, but I have here on the website.


I encourage you to move this to the Troubleshooting forum. You can do that by clicking "Edit" and then at the top of your editing window where it says Sections:Duolingo change Duolingo to Troubleshooting.


Reverse of this is happening to me, I froze my streak using lingots and now I have 15 day streak on website and 2 on the android app.


This happens because the Android app shows your 'language' streak and the webpage shows your 'overall' streak. The streak freeze only freezes the overall streak. Don't worry though, the double or nothing lingot challenge and the awarding of lingots based on streak (1 lingot for every 10 days of streak - I just recieved 24 lingots) is based on your overall streak. The only one who will ever see your language streak is you :)


:( But I am the only one to whom it actually matters. The streak motivates me. A message saying "continue your 15 day streak" is just plain superior to one for 2 days.


Got the same problem: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1878416 Hope they move back my streaks. I submitted a Support ticket.


i have the same problem. First it was with German (now it seems ok), but now there is a "pause" in Portuguese and French. But I do all my languages (French, Portuguese, German, Italian and Spanish). And as I have commented earlier this is kind of important for me because it stimulates me to do it every day. I don't know what can I do to make it correct?

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