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  5. "Donnent-ils la nourriture ?"

"Donnent-ils la nourriture ?"

Translation:Do they give the food?

February 10, 2013



Honestly, I don't hear a difference between "donne-t-il la nourriture" and "Donnent-ils la nourriture"...


I also am having trouble distinguishing between these kinds of sentences - how do you tell? When there is otherwise no indication in the form of the verbs or the articles that they might be different?


There is no way to differentiate them without more context.


Unless I'm mistaken, the phrase "donne-t-il" does not exist. The t is added in inversions only when the verb ends in a soft vowel sound, preventing awkward pronunciations.


what's wrong with " do they give food ? "


There's a definite article "la" in the sentence.


Yes, but in French you always use an article (with a few exceptions). In English it is often omitted. I agree with Djami_duo.


I used the third person singular form of the verb, which sounds the same as the third person plural form. In this case, there are two correct answers and I used one of them.


Why can't you say "They give Food" ?


That would be "ils donnent la nourriture". Because of the verb-pronoun inversion this must be a yes/no question.


I, too, can't tell by listening whether this is 3rd person singular or 3rd person plural. If there should be an audible difference, what would it sound like?


Listening to the rendition of the phrase at the top of this page I hear a pretty clear T sound before ils. This suggests the presence of donnent which is the third person plural.


Also in singular "donne t-il ..." there is a t sound !


"They give the diet?" is the correct answer? What kind of crazy english is that.


Much of the tortured English in these examples is the result of the need to stay in the present tense.

They gave the diet that we have all been waiting for, or whatever, would seem pretty innocuous. But having to stay in the present tense makes it harder to see how it could be used in an ordinary exchange.


but it doesn't make sense even as part of a longer sentence. The nearest acceptable could be 'they introduce the diet'. It may be ok if its just helping us to understand the french and the french grammar but since we're supposed to be learning to actually translate its gonna result in some bad translations if non native english speakers are going through the course and thinking that that kind of sentence is correct.


I don't see how even in the French original this can mean 'diet'. A diet is a plan for eating that someone follows. You can't 'give' it. You can tell it to someone, you can write it down for someone but you can't directly 'give' it to someone. "They give the diet?" can only be wrong here.


I wrote, "do they give food?" and got it wrong! It must be "the food" according to duolingo...but I just don't see it.


In the interest of actually translating this correctly, it should be 'are they serving the food'.


I agree with those that hear "donne-t-il la nourriture?" as the same sound as the plural "donnent-ils"

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