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Friends of other languages learn less skills but have more words?

I've noticed a friend who takes italian and a friend who takes french on this site have mastered less skills on the skill tree than me, and I do spanish. One who is doing italian as done 4 less than me yet has 44 more words, and french has done 5 less than me and has about 50 more words! I feel cheated, is there a glitch? I've done 11 skills on spanish and reached conjuctions and I only have 124 words. Does the spanish on here simply contain less words? Is it a bigger skill tree? is it a glitch? thanks

February 10, 2013

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This is a good question.

Different trees have different distributions of words and different sizes of skills. This is unavoidable because all languages are different. For example, Spanish has a skill called "ser/estar" about the distinction between those two verbs, whereas German does not (since it doesn't have such verbs).

In general, even though we allow you to compare yourself against people doing other languages, and we have tried hard to make the scores as compatible as possible, you can't really expect this to be a perfect comparison.

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