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  5. "Αυτός μου έδωσε το φρούτο."

"Αυτός μου έδωσε το φρούτο."

Translation:He gave me the fruit.

October 31, 2016



I've always wondered why it's sometime με and other times μου in situations like this. It's been explained to me once, but I never got it. Thanks!

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There is an analytical explanation in the tips & notes of the "personal pronouns" lesson.


I don't understand why αυτός με έδωσε το φρουτο is incorrect . Why "Αυτός μου έχωσε το φρουτο.?


The verb "give" has two objects -- a direct object (the thing that changes hands) and an indirect object (the recipient).

The recipient, if it's a pronoun, takes the genitive case in Greek; the object, the accusative.

Thus you need genitive μου here -- he gives it "to me".

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