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  5. "Η διπλανή πόρτα."

"Η διπλανή πόρτα."

Translation:The next door.

October 31, 2016



Just a small comment: I think there is potential confusion with this translation. In English, the adjective "next" is usually taken to mean "upcoming" or "following in a series" (note: this is not the same as "next to"). In Greek, διπλανός means "adjacent" or "(the one) beside," no? To express the same idea that an English-speaker would associate with "the next door" wouldn't the Greek phrase have to be η επόμενη πόρτα? For this specific phrase there is some argument since the English phrase "next door" can mean "the neighbors in the house beside ours," but I have seen in another exercise το διπλανό τραπέζι translated as "the next table" and that seems a bit deceptive...


I was just messing around with Greek and saw your comment. I am Greek and your confusion is normal I guess. In Greek you either say ✔️"Η διπλανή" or ✔️"Η επόμενη" if the doors are next to each other. Though if they are facing each other you say ✔️"Η απέναντι πόρτα Which ⚠️"Απέναντι" means across. ⭕A small tip.

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You could say Η επόμενη without meaning τη διπλανή in Greek. E.g. there are three doors, A, B, C, and you choose to open them one by one. If you open A you could then say η επόμενη πόρτα που θα ανοίξω είναι η C, i.e. not η διπλανή which is B. ;)


The adjacent door?

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Yes, it's a good synonym. And it is already in the incubator.


What about 'neighbouring'?


How about "the adjoining door"?

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"Adjoining" specifically says the doors are attached. But this sentence only means the doors are next to each other. There's no reason to assume they are attached.

So, I'm afraid "adjoining" doesn't work.


As with all previous uses of διπλανός, it is more proper to translate it as "adjacent/adjoining" and NOT as "next" which is used more in sequences and temporal contexts. Please update these, DL.

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Thank you all suggestions are assessed by the team and a decision will be made as to what will be added.

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