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"A rossz német pincér a kilencvennyolcadik étteremnél dolgozik."

Translation:The bad German waiter works at the ninety-eighth restaurant.

October 31, 2016



in the restaurant means the same as at the restaurant!


In this case, yes. But if you want to define the location, you would use the same way as you'd do in english: "Az étteremnél" -"at the restaurant" means maybe only nearby, in front of or behind the restaurant, 10 meters away from it, while "Az étteremben" - "In the restaurant" clearly states that you'll find that object/person within the premises of the service area of said businness, she/he/it belongs to that restaurant.


So, the waiter is bad at his job, because he is nearby the restaurant's premises, "works" should be understood as a joke, and all guests waiting in the restaurant get no service? :-D

Waiter plus restaurant usually would be "-ben"?
Worker plus restaurant can be "-nel", because currently there construction site is located there? Or "-ben" if the worker is a carpenter or something like that and currently renovating that restaurant?


The waiter is bad at his job because he had a kindergarten teacher who was too busy flying to teach him the alphabet!


I agree, it should be accepted


The numbers can only be entered as texts?


That's the case for most courses, I reckon. How are you supposed to learn kilencvennyolc if you you could write 98 instead?


So far the course has accepted figures in stead of text whwn translating from Hungarian to English. Why change all of a sudden?


------ duo just accepted, "the bad german waiter works at the 98th restaurant" . . .

Big 13 feb 19


And why 98 restaurants - I have to keep saying it -> The waiter is bad at this job because he had a kindergarten teacher who was too busy flying over things to teach him the alphabet!

I knew there would be an educational crisis with all the teachers flying! Now, there's proof!


And why not by the restaurant Didn't we say that at the restaurant means az etteremben'' then etteremnel must be'' by'' not'' at'' my dear admininstrators.Please only a little bit more logic nothing else.And may be a ltitle more benevolence that is the most important thing to encourage to support the people you are teaching I was a teacher for forty years and I never did such mistakes.Sorry guys


Again I touched something which made this question cut me off without completing it.


The answer "... works by the restaurant" is not accepted, even is a correct way of "az etterremnél dolgozik" , the suffix "nél" is by.


But not in English. To work by the restaurant means he does not work in it but maybe a couple of shops along.


Doesn't "rossz" also mean "sick"?

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No, it doesn't.

Some sentences are misleading, since we translated Rosszul vagyok (literally "I am badly") as I am sick. Because I am sick makes sense in English, but "I am badly" would be weird.

rossz = bad
rosszul = badly
beteg =sick/ill

a rossz pincér = the bad waiter

a beteg pincér = the sick waiter

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