"Dw i'n hoffi cinio."

Translation:I like dinner.

October 31, 2016

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Cinio is 'supper' or 'lunch'?


'Dinner' or 'lunch' are the usual translations. 'Supper' is swper.


Thanks to Google, I now know why this is so bloody confusing to me as a non native English speaker. In US English, dinner is the evening meal. In British English, apparently, it is the midday meal.

So, as long as I remember that 'cinio' means midday meal, this sentence is going to get a lot easier.


Erm... no. In Britain dinner can be a midday meal or an evening meal. Lunch is a midday meal. And cinio can be a midday meal or an evening meal. However, that doesn’t really matter here, as all you need to do is learn which words are equivalent in the two languages:

  • brecwast - breakfast
  • cinio - lunch or dinner (midday or evening)
  • te - tea
  • swper - supper

The endless discussions about when these various meals are taken can be left for another place!

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