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  5. "Your sister"

"Your sister"

Translation:Ваша сестра

October 31, 2016



So what is it tha makes us use твоя instead of ваш?


Ukrainian has different words for you (singular) - ти - and you (plural) - ви. But ви can also be used for formal polite you (singular), in very formal settings it usually is capitalized Ви, e.g. when writing a greeting card to your boss. As I see you learn German, that would correspond to German du, ihr and Sie respectively.

Твій/твоя/твоє is a possessive pronoun formed from the pronoun ти, while ваш/ваша/ваше is formed from the pronoun ви.


Don't forget the plural forms - твої and ваші for 'your'.

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