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  5. "¡No es simplemente un libro!"


"¡No es simplemente un libro!"

February 10, 2013



ok, then how do you say, "it is simply not a book". for example, when someone argues that an object is a book and you want to say it is not a book.


I assume you just say "It's not a book" . Simply isn't necessary in that sentence.


Playing with google translator I get "It simply is not a book" == "Simplemente no es un libro" "it is simply not a" is 40 times more common than "It simply is not a" so it is possible "It is simply not a book" maybe more common English. But google translator gives it the same translation as duolingo gives here. Anyway I'm going to guess "It is simply not a book" = "Simplemente no es un libro"


The 'un' seems to be elided in the audio. What are the rules for when this happens?


i think even when you barely hear it, grammatically you need an article there, so you just guess that it has "un" in front of it. unless you hear something more like "el". i think it's similar in English that the articles a/an, the are not pronounced strongly.


simplemente uno no anda en mordor.

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and how do you say 'no it is simply a book'? I guess you would need a coma after no.


No, es simplemente un libro. I think a lot of these quizzes need context in order to make or understand the translations

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