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  5. "Prendi le misure."

"Prendi le misure."

Translation:You take the measurements.

November 1, 2016



Why is "You measure" wrong, my dear Duolingo?


You measure would translate as (tu) misuri , i.e. using the verb misurare.

Instead you take the measurements translates as (tu) prendi le misure , using the plural form of the noun misura as the direct object of the verb (prendi ).

By the way, prendi le misure can also mean take the measures (imperative mood).


I answered "Take the measures" and it said I got it wrong -.-


Take the measures is wrong. An order or instruction would be Take the measurements.


But in imperative mood, you use the exclamation mark, to underline that it's imperative. Prendi le misure!


Why is 'the' required? I tried answering "You take measurements", but was marked wrong.


Same! Reported October 6, 2020


The app explicitly told me earlier that 'la misura' means 'size'. Now it's 'measurements'. Shouldn't it be both?


Yes, misura and taglia mean size. But... (in Italian there's always a "but"), unità di misura means unit of measure, ex. "il metro è un'unità di misura" (meter is a unit of measure). "Misurare" is a verb... io misuro... tu misuri... egli, ella, lui, lei, esso, essa misura... noi misuriamo... voi misurate... essi, loro, esse misurano.


So, this is different from the imperative 'take the measurement'?


For the Tu form,In speaking they are the same except for the tone of the voice (stronger and more forceful—which in written form would have an exclamation point). —-ere and -ire verbs have the same form as the present tense. -are verbs add an “a” to the Tu form (you eat = mangi but You eat! = mangia) all verb forms use the infinitive after “non” to indicate a negative command e.g. non prendere le misure!


Prendi le misure per la scatola di legno ;)


Why not:Take the measurements...as this would be imperative formal?


"Measurement" = "misurazione"; "misura" = "size"?


Misurazione is often closer in meaning to 'survey': La misurazione è un metodo per procurare le misure. = Measuring is a method to get the measurements.

Misura can be several things depending on context, e.g. 3rd present of misurare, 'measurement/size' (f), 2nd indicative of misurare, 'musical beat'. Example, in this order: Lucca spiega mentre misura: "Per trovare la misura di una foglia musicale misura prima la lunghezza di una misura, poi moltiplica," = Luke explains while he measures: "To find the size of a musical sheet, first measure the length of one beat, then multiply."


@HolgerDssi Luca is a man's name, Lucca is a town in Tuscany. I never heard of "foglia musicale", but I'm not expert in music, nevertheless I would think you're talking about "pagina musicale" or "foglio musicale".


What's wrong with "take measurements"?


Here I am reading it as "Take the Missouri."


Why in plural? Could somebody explain it to me, please?


Misura = singular Misure = plural


so why is misura used for pantoloni? Pantoloni is plural


I did la donna for the woman and it was wrong.is it really wrong


Depends, I guess, on the specific lesson which brought you here. If it said the woman takes, your answer would be correct. If it said she takes, you need to use the pronoun she, not the woman, as the subject. But in 2° person singular it is you take, not the woman takes.


my keep having a problem with the microphone on the sentence prendi le misure


I click to speak and I keep getting stop the recording on my screen. Driving me scats seeing that I have finished the entire lesson.


I was wronged for misure not meaning measurement in an earlier exercise ... What gives?


Nevertheless, since you have taken the measurement so darn many times during this lesson, you must be stupid. DL, please change up your challenges to make this more interesting. Grazie.

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