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"Il est possible de ne pas jouer de carte."

Translation:It is possible not to play a card.

February 11, 2013



Grammar question/point: the infinitive verb construciton "ne pas jouer" (to not play), why is the infinitive verb not between ne and pas? I can understand is this is just something to learn, I'm just seeing it at odds with conjugated verbs and negation. Thanks for any indight :)


Yes, you are right, this is the infinitive form which changes the order of words. It works also with "ne jamais" and "ne plus".

but not with "ne que": "il est possible de ne jouer qu'une carte".

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    Ah, que is an exception! Merci


    Why isn't it "il est possible de ne pas jouer une carte" ?


    Maybe because it's negative and you usually use "de" as the article with a negative construction.


    I have the same question as Icepacker. Any answers out there from you amazing linguists?


    with negative expressions, the article is dropped after "de":

    "...pas jouer de carte, ...plus jouer de carte, ...jamais jouer de carte"


    Of course! Thank you yet again.


    and how would you say "the card" instead of "a card"?


    ... de ne pas jouer la carte


    Is it wrong to say "il est possible de ne pas jouer de cartes"?


    It might be a bit ambiguous depending on the game. "Pas de carte" should mean that otherwise, you would play one.

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    On that basis, I'd say "il est possible de ne pas jouer de cartes" ought to be accepted for the listening exercise (but isn't currently).


    How exactly do you play with "a card"


    "Playing a card" is different from "playing with a card."


    Sitesurf, In another context you had explained how the negative pair "ne..pas" comes together without an intervening verb.

    would you be so kind as to explain it again?


    The negative pairs (ne... pas/plus/rien/jamais/personne/aucun) are placed around the conjugated verb.

    If the negated verb is in the infinitive, then "ne" and "pas" are grouped together in front of it.

    • Il ne joue pas.
    • Il n'a pas joué.
    • Il est possible de ne pas jouer.
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