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Superlatives [UK. GRAMMAR PORTAL]


Ukrainian is an East Slavic language spoken primarily in Western and Central Ukraine by 40 million people making it the third most spoken Slavic language by number of native speakers in the world!

If there are any terms you do not understand please refer to the grammar glossary

What are superlatives?

Superlative adjectives are adjectives that describe the attribute of a person or thing that is the highest (or lowest) in degree compared to the members of the noun’s group. Superlative adjectives are similar to comparative adjectives, except they express the most extreme degree of comparison, and they are only used when talking about groups of three or more people or things. For example:

The house is big


The building is the biggest

How do we form the superlative?

Forming the superlative is very easy in Ukrainian! Simply get the comparative form (you can learn about that here) and add the prefix най-

  • дешевий -cheap
  • дешевший - cheaper
  • найдешев*ший - cheapest

This even applies to irregular comparitives, for example:

  • добрий - good
  • кращий - better
  • найкращий - best

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

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November 1, 2016



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