"Where are my yellow gloves?"

Translation:Πού είναι τα κίτρινα γάντια μου;

November 1, 2016

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I remember another question has a phrase "η βασική μας εργασία" (our basic work), would it be ok for this sentence to take on a similar structure and become "Πού είναι τα κίτρινα μου γάντια;"


also, reversing my above question, would it be ok to say "our basic work" as " η βασική εργασία μας"?


When the possessive comes after the adjective, the adjective is emphasised, if it comes after the noun, the noun is emphasized. So τα κίτρινά μου γάντια=my yellow gloves, τα κίτρινα γάντια μου=my yellow gloves. The fact that you use an adjective means that you want to emphasize it though, so most of the time the possessive comes after it.


Great so it is mostly about emphasis! Thanks so much!


Thank you for this perfect explanation


is it correct to use μου between two adjectives? E. g. τα δερμάτινα μου κίτρινα γάντια.


Interesting how ντ in the word γάντια becomes the d sound with the female voice, the former male speaker enunciated both letters quite distinctly, is this a matter of different Greek dialects?


Ντ is d, if you hear them separately, it's a poor quality audio file.


My answer (web/strengthening exercise) was corrected from πού to που!!


Thanks! That should be fixed now.

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It wants κίτρινά and told me to "pay attention to the accents" when I just selected the available word in the list.


The lessons seem inconsistent with word order. Sometimes they want the posessive "μου" before the object, and sometimes after. Why?


When we have an adjective and a noun, the possessive can come either after the adjective or the noun. You can say τα κίτρινά μου γάντια or τα κίτρινα γάντια μου.


There is a question mark in this sentence, which makes it easier but not one for the answer!


The Greek answer includes the Greek question mark, which just happens to look like what we use as a semicolon.

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