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[GUIDE] How To Report Errors!

This post is to help people learn to report errors so that we can understand and fix them and that you can continue learning!

How do errors work?

An error is when you send your rejected answer or a comment to the incubator team. The idea of this is to fix problems in the course! There are three types of reports:

    1. User-Suggested Translations (USTs)

This is when you type something in as you do and doo-doo-doo. Your answers wrong. When you select "My answer should have been accepted" this goes straight to us. Here is what is looks like!

We can then choose two solutions.

  • If it's correct we add it to the list of translations

  • If it's incorrect we mark it as wrong and explain why

Then the error is removed from the incubator!

The Dos and Donts of USTs

  1. Check to see if your answer has any typos
  2. Make if you're typing in the name of a city, you transliterate it letter by letter, e.g. Kyiv instead of Kiev, Odesa instead of Odesa
  3. Check the hints to see if you had a wrong but similar word e.g. did instead of done
  4. Check to see if your answer sounds natural


  • Freewrite Reports (FWRs)

This is when you type in a comment about the sentence. Personally, these errors annoy not because I don't like hearing your feedback (I love that :D) but a lot of it is irrelevant:

When Writing A FWR

Please be specific about your answer! If you are reporting about your answer send it through UST or include it in your comment! Here is an example of a good FWR

  • Other Reports

These are pretty straightforward just tick the box, "This sentence is unnatural", "The hints are wrong" etc.

Please Note

Please double check before sending these!

I hope this helps answer your questions! Until next time!

November 1, 2016



If it's incorrect we send an email

No, no email is send: neither when defining an automatic message (which also reject the report) nor when simply rejecting the report.


Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out jrikhal! You're always a great help :)


Very useful and interesting guide, thank you! :]


Thank you so much, it's wonderful to see what you are seeing and to know what to say! Would you prefer that when we report something we write a Free-write report with it to explain what we want?


In my opinion, no. If you have an answer that you should think is correct, no. If you want to change something, then yes. For example:

  • I think X is correct in this context because....
  • Is X a good alternative for Y?

Also, please be precise. We don't want to hear about waffles :)


Too bad what you can report now is limited. Several times I'd like to report and just have to mark the "Something else went wrong," hoping that Duolingo figures out what I'm talking about. Sometimes there's a tip that's wrong or missing something, but you can't report those. Also, simple things like red=roja (which should be perfectly valid) can't be discussed or, I believe, reported. Also sending in recommendations should be easier. There are a bunch of people who mention in the discussions that a certain feature really should be included, but one never knows it it has made it to the appropriate ears.

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