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  5. My classroom disappeared!


My classroom disappeared!

I received an update for one of my classes via email but when I try to enter my dashboard the class is gone. There is only my other class. I checked the email address, etc. and even looked at the students' I-Pads to check the classroom name and there is no longer a link.

November 1, 2016



No, this is my personal which I'm trying to delete but have zero idea how to..... my school / teacher account name I can't remember even thought I just created it last night but the email associated with it is sandra.yim@yrdsb.ca. Please help. So frustrating. I don't want to use this site if it will continue to do this. It's disheartening. :( Wait a min.... Why is my name "12" now instead of "13"????


did you figure out, Sandra?


Hi! Sorry this is happening, I've never seen this problem before. I checked your log data and it is telling me you created four classrooms, but then removed three classrooms on Oct 3rd, all around the same time. Could this be one of those classrooms? Is it possible it was an accidental removal? By those logs, it appears you should only have one classroom left.


Hi Vivi, i have the opposite problem. Want to remove a classroom and can't. Funny


Same thing happened to me! So upsetting. I had two classrooms and my students were working on assignments then as soon as I logged out and back on, everything was gone! :(


Sandra, were you using this username/account that you are commenting from?

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