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Where is the grammar

Dear Duolingo team, I have serious troubles with this new interface. Where did the grammar that explained words go? I used to go and see the examples and explanation of the new words in every lesson. Now it is gone.

It is the same with the discussion in each section. Now I want to ask what is the difference between two words, and I have no idea where to ask, in order to be seen.

I find the new interface worse than the old one - it includes less opportunities for practice skills, to learn grammar and to discuss those tiny language differences that really teach us how to speak properly.

Thanks a lot for all the job you have done, but please improve the interface!

February 17, 2014



I have the same problem. And vocabulary is missing too. What happened to all of that?


I am a new user to Duolingo and was amazed not to find a place where all the grammar lessons and vocabulary is listed that we have learnt - I might remember a word for a while but I would like to be able to review what I have learnt - in fact I would like to be able to print out the list so I can keep it on me for reference purposes... I really hope duolingo makes such a facility available soon.

Other than that this is such a fun app and easy way to learn - Thank you!!

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