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Interesting figures of speech in Irish

One of the interesting things about looking up words in both the New English Irish Dictionary at focloir.ie and the Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla at teanglann.ie is coming across some of the interesting turns of phrase that are used in Irish. (There are as many weird phrases in English, but we don't think of them most of the time, because we are so used to them).

I've started keeping notes on some of the more interesting non-literal "translations" that I've encountered. Here are some that stand out:
"the traffic was bumper to bumper" - bhí na gluaisteáin srón muice le tóin muice
"this will be beneficial to wildlife" - beidh sé seo le leas na fiabheatha (fiabheatha for "wildlife")
"to put something on ice (put it off to deal with later)" - rud a chur ar an méar fhada ("to put something on the long finger" is a common expression in English in Ireland)
"she's a lady of leisure" - tá an saol ina shuí ar a thóin aici
"he turned up empty-handed" - tháinig sé agus a dhá lámh chomh fada le chéile
"the proposals that are under discussion" - na moltaí atá idir chamáin
"he's living the good life" - tá saol an mhadra bháin aige
"she loves life in the fast lane" - is breá léi an saol rua / is breá léi bheith ag rith is ag rás
"fighting fit" - ar mo sheanléim
"there was quite a crowd there" - Bhí dháréag is píobaire ann
"it hasn't been seen in ages" - ní fhacthas é le cuimhne na gcat

1 year ago