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  5. "Tu bois du lait."

"Tu bois du lait."

Translation:You are drinking milk.

February 11, 2013


[deactivated user]

    This speaker is just not clear at all versus the Spanish speaker. Tu sounds like "je" and "du" here.


    What's the real sound of the letter "T" either in "Tu", or in every case it sounds?


    when do you use du?


    "Du" is a french contraction of the French partitive adjective "de" and the masculine article "le". When you want to express that there is only part of some previously mentioned definite noun (as in a given specific noun, versus a general idea of the noun: this dog vs. dogs in general) that is masculine, use "du". If the noun is feminine, use "de la", and plurals require "des". This is just the basic, check it out for yourself for more in depth explanation.


    I think that you have to skip there listen ones. They are the toughest.

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