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"Θα μπορούσα να είχε ρωτήσει αυτό."

Translation:I could have asked this.

November 1, 2016



Why is it not " θα μπορούσα να είχα ρωτήσει αυτό" ?

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You re right; the sentence is replaced now. :)


Isn't it better to say "Θα μπορούσα να το είχα ρωτήσει αυτό;"


Sometimes this structure is interchangeable (and indeed «το» makes it more colloquial, we use it a lot) but sometimes there is a different emphasis and meaning:

Θα μπορούσα να το είχα ρωτήσει αυτό = I could have ASKED this (but I didn't; I missed my chance, and maybe I didn't ask anything at all)

Θα μπορούσα να είχα ρωτήσει αυτό = Ι could have asked THIS (THIS instead of something else that I asked)

Intonation is also important! Remember to stress the right word each time.

One extra sentence: Θα μπορούσα να το είχα ρωτήσει εγώ αυτό = Ι (I am the person who) could have asked this, but someone else did. (In this case, you can't possibly omit «το». And you must stress the word «εγώ».)


I still saw it, while learning the "Verbs: Conditional Perfect" skill. (So, not strengthening, but the initial learning.)

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