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  5. "A szomszéd egy rossz ember."

"A szomszéd egy rossz ember."

Translation:The neighbor is a bad person.

November 1, 2016



Repeatedly I get it wrong when I translate "ember" as person. And then, when I finally remember to translate "ember" as "man" it wants "person". Is there any logic I am missing here?


No logic you're missing, it's just inconsistent throughout the course.


rossz ember in Hungarian can be a woman too, not only a man, that is why person.
man means férfi


Why is it "the neighbor", I thought the ending here suggested "your neighbor"? I also thought it was supposed to be a possessive sentence.


Szomszéd is the basic form of the word, with no endings. Despite the appearence, it isn't a possessive form. The possessive forms are szomszédom, szomszédod, and so on.


Oh thanks! It is the first time I've seen that word, but I just assumed it would have a possessive ending given that was the topic. I haven't decided if I'm getting any better at this language or just more confused as I get further into these lessons..


It's a borrowed slavic word, which is probably why it looks a little peculiar.


Oh. That explains it more. Thanks!


borrowed and changed just enough that I can see where it came from but completely forget how it's changed and how to write it now :/


I thought it might mean "your neighbor" too, but I looked the word up elsewhere to check, and it just means "neighbor." I was also confused because there is nothing possessive in the sentence. Guess it's just one of those curve balls.


I think it is deliberate. Not every word ending in ed/of is a possessive.


Sneaky move giving us a new word with ed ending on a lesson centered on possessives


Yes, I think it was one of those "how observant are you?" types of tricks. What tipped me off, enough to check the word first before translating, was the fact that the "-ed" ending was actually "-éd," and I can't remember seeing an accented vowel in a possessive ending. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist, I just haven't seen it, and it looked "off" enough to make me wonder.


The english spelling is neighbour so why am i wrong grrrr this course is obviously set for Americans only

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