I believe that Esperanto would be an excellent addition to the retinue of languages that Duolingo has to offer.

<h1>It is a constructed language and very simple to learn for speakers of any first language.</h1>

Mi opinias ke Esperanto estus bonega krom la sekvantaro de lingvoj kiuj Duolingo devas proponi.

<h1>Estas konstruita lingvo kaj tre simpla por lerni por parolantoj de ajna lingvo.</h1>

Its use in the "real world" is somewhat limited, as even though it was founded with the intent of creating a simple international language, only about 2 million people speak it worldwide, at most. However it can be learned faster than nearly any other language. The benefit to this is obvious for people who speak only one language currently: after you learn your second language, if you wish to learn a third, it will come much easier, and your fourth much easier after that.

A German university, The Institute of Cybernetic Pedagogy at Paderborn, performed a study in which they measured the average amount of study time it took for native French speakers to attain "standard" levels of understanding in various languages. The results were:

German, 2000 hours English, 1500 hours Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. 1000 hours Esperanto, 150 HOURS

I hope someday soon a fluent Esperantist can be brought on board to help bring this very simple, very helpful language to Duolingo, as I think it would benefit anyone learning any second language as a learning aide if nothing else.

February 11, 2013


Add me to the list. I'd even contribute to creating the course. I think you will easily find a bunch of people who are willing to help. Put it into the Esperanto-Group at facebook with its 12.000 members and it will soon be done.

Aldonu min al la liston. Mi eĉ kontribuus krei la kurson. Mi pensas, ke vi facile trovos volontajn helpantojn. Metu ĝin en la Esperanto-grupo ĉe Facebook kun ĝiaj 12.000 anoj, kaj ĝi rapide finiĝos.

I agree! It would be wonderful. The duolingo system would be a wonderful way to learn Esperanto. I speak English, Spanish, some Italian, and I am just beginning to learn Esperanto--today! Duolingo was my first stop..... Please consider adding Esperanto.

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