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  5. "Und Sie tranken ihn?"

"Und Sie tranken ihn?"

Translation:And you drank it?

February 11, 2013



I have no idea what this means in English... "And you drank it?" maybe?


I'd like to get a bit of clarification on this too. My understanding is that if this sentence was put into context, ihn would mean "it" not him, as it would have been established earlier that "it" was a masculine object (not an actual male).


My guess: duolingo creates these sentences automatically and mechanically translates the 'ihn' to 'him'. The problem with this is that 'ihn' in German can refer to any masculine noun (as Greg already pointed out). Translating it to 'him' doesn't make much sense in the given context, so the sentence should indeed read 'And you drank it?'

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right on. "ihn" in this context can only be kind of beverages like water, beer etc.


This reminds me of Futurama episode "My Three Suns", in which Fry drank an Emperor.


In German, would you ever say "Und Sie tranken es?"

In the present tense, do you say "drink him" in German to mean "drink it?" I do not remember this strange gender confusion from earlier lessons. I thought that we typically exchanged "it" for "es", so why is it now changing so that we change "it" for "him" when the noun is masculine?


You would say "Und Sie tranken es" if "es" is about a "das" noun. It's not as simple as "we typically exchanged 'it' for 'es'". If it is a "die" noun, you use "sie", if it is a "das" noun, you use "es", and if it is a "der" noun, you use "ihn". It doesn't matter if it is not a person, you might still use masculine ou feminin pronouns.


How do I know that the "Sie" here refers to the plural form, rather than the formal you?


It refers to the formal you, not the plural form. If it was 'they', it would be written sie, not capitalized. There's no difference in the speech though, so you would have to know who 'sie/Sie' is by context.


You cant hear tranken it sounds like trank

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