"The girl's pink dress."

Translation:Το ροζ φόρεμα του κοριτσιού.

November 2, 2016

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Guys. Can anyone explain why "Το φόρεμα ροζ του κοριτσιού" is not correct? I always put the colours in the wrong place....


All adjectives, including colors, come before the noun. ;)


It's that simple, ha! I somehow got the impression that the order didn't matter. THANK YOU


Generally word order is very flexible. There is even a way to break that adjective-noun order, but let's leave that for now... ;)


Okay :) Sounds like Greek in a nutshell


Is Του κοριτσιού το ροζ φόρεμα a valid sentence?


Yes, and it has been added. Thank y.


So, I entered "Το φορεμα της κοριτσιου ειναι ροζ" (the dress of the girl's is pink) is this not correct?


I agree with navajos :) "Το φορεμα της κοριτσιου ειναι ροζ" is incorrect, only because the word "κοριτσι" is not feminine (weird, I know) but neuter. It should be "Το φορεμα του κοριτσιου ειναι ροζ" instead :).

Putting that aside, the sentence you wrote translates to "The girl's dress is pink", as opposed to "The girl's pink dress". Only a subtle difference, with a slight difference in meaning.

Very close though and keep up the good work! Greg.


Γεια σου Ελένη! There are typos and grammar errors in your sentence. Even without them, I reckon this is wrong, as you are using a verb -είναι- even though the English sentence doesn't have one. Yours is full with a concrete meaning, while the English one is more like a title or part of a full sentence. Hopefully this makes sense :)


Yes, it does. Thank you!

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