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  5. "Ένα ποτήρι κρασί"

"Ένα ποτήρι κρασί"

Translation:A glass of wine

November 2, 2016



Wouldn't "a glass of wine" translate to "ένα ποτήρι κρασιού"?


Hi Adelantino! "ένα ποτήρι κρασιού" talks about the type of glass: "a wine glass"! Sometimes "of" takes the meaning of "με" (with). Properly, "a glass of wine" would be "ένα ποτήρι με κρασί" (a glass with wine), but graecophones commonly just say "ένα ποτήρι κρασί". It's the same with cups (ένα φλυτζάνι τσάι), plates (ένα πιάτο ρύζι), bottles (ένα μπουκάλι νερό), etc... Keep it up ;-)


Shouldn't "wine glass" also be accepted?

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That would be "ποτήρι κρασιού or κρασοπότηρο".


So, it's the noun case which determines the translation. Is this right? Nom = κρασιού Gen = κρασί If so, where in DL should I have discovered this?

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To see grammar notes on the lessons, please read the tips. The app you're using may not support this feature but you can it them by logging in to the website from your browser.
As for κρασί, it is (nom.) το κρασί, (gen.) του κρασιού, (acc.) το κρασί, (voc.) - κρασί . Wiktionary is usually good at giving you accurate results even when typing a declension/conjugation form in the search box. Also check out the resources links put together by the Greek team in the Greek forum: https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/936.

In the exercise, the accusative is implied: ένα ποτήρι (με) κρασί. Prepositions are followed by the accusative. Three out of four cases are identical for all neuter words.

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