"Várad van vagy hajód?"

Translation:Is it a castle you have or a ship?

November 2, 2016

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Do you have a castle or a boat? is also accepted!

The suggestion "Is it a castle you have or a boat" irritates me.


Do you have a castle or a ship? - accepted. 2019.07.22.


"Have you a castle or a boat?" Is not accepted yet.

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"Have you a castle or a boat?" was not accepted because it is not good. "Have you got a castle or a boat?" would also be correct.


The sentence "Have you a castle or a boat?" is perfectly good English: it is grammatical, and it expresses the same sentiment as the Hungarian. Granted, it is nonstandard to use the "have you a..." phrasing, but that does not make it invalid English.


At the billionaire yearly convention.


Would be better to say "Do you have a castle or a ship?"


If you're using the word tiles, you're stuck with a crap translation of "Is it a castle you have or a ship?" as your only option. No one in English would say that in normal contexts. A more common rendering that makes more sense would be "Do you have a castle or a [ship / boat]?" allowing for either "ship" or "boat".


This should also accept "ship" as a translation for "hajo" in order to the consistent with previous examples.


I’m glad someone else has recognised the need for consistency. I was vilified for pointing it out previously


have you a castle or a ship.Why is this wrong?Does this convey a different idea,concept?I cannot write DO you have because the DO is not given by DL


I also found that ""Have you a castle or a boat?" was not accepted. It is just that they did not have it in their list of translations. I think I clicked on "My translation should have been accepted". It is a good idea to switch off the word bank and just type your answers. That is more of a challenge at first but, after a while, you'll find it more convenient than searching through the word bank for the word you want, or trying to work out how to phrase your translation so as to make use of the words in the word bank (not to mention all those times you grab a word because it has the right number of letters and starts with the right letter). I think that I found that "Do you have a castle or a boat?" was acceptable. If you want to persist with the word bank, most of the time you should have four words left over. If that is not the case, think of how you can use the words from the word bank differently.


GregWood15 wrote <>

What Greg says is right, by and large, though it's true to say that I think it would be better to say "you should have four words or fewer left over". I don't think I've ever come across an instance where there were more than four words left over, and I think Greg has spotted that there are four words left over very often. There are, however, quite a few instances where none, one, two, or three words are left.

I actually like the fact that, sometimes, two words in the word bank are similar - maybe a singular and a plural form of the verb, noun or adjective, where one is correct and one incorrect - it makes you think carefully.


HAVE YOU GOT A CASTLE OR A SHIP?Please tell me why is this wrong?Many thanks


You are correct, however the Duolingo program is expecting you to phrase these things using "Do you have ...".

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