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  5. "Η ορκωμοσία του προέδρου."

"Η ορκωμοσία του προέδρου."

Translation:The inauguration of the president.

November 2, 2016



" The swearing in of the president" is I think a more usual phrase than " the president's oath taking.


I think that should have a hyphen: "the swearing-in".

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That sounds somehow like someone is doing it for the President which is why I prefer "the President's swearing in '' but actually "the inauguration of the president.." or ''the President's inauguration..." is best for me.


Ah but Jaye that is what it is, the President is sworn in by, in the past the Pope,Archbishop etc now by the Chief Justice or other. Watch the American inauguration or "swearing-in" in January, the representative of the people will hand her/him the bible and say " Do you swear etc"

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