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Why is Duolinguo only for classrooms? I'm a private tutor for school support and other clases

Hi there, I am using duolinguo to (re)learn portguese, because I am starting to forget the language because I m not talking it.. I love the concept and the way they teach you.

I'd love using it on a one to one basis with my French and English students, give them homework and correct their mistakes.. in class It would be great if ther would be such a version.. What do you think? Regards, Carol

November 2, 2016



"Duolingo for Schools" is only to be used by a real teacher with real students.

Joining a "classroom" gives the "teacher" a lot of control:
- The ability to remove course content
- The ability to keep you from posting in the forums
- The ability to keep you from writing to others on the activity stream/profile
- The ability to change your password

Also, posting a link in the forums or on someone's profile exposes your email address to the world, which is against Duo's guidelines for privacy and security reasons.

If you have real life students and you can invite them to your "classroom" privately via text or email then you should be able to use "Duolingo for Schools" - just be sure to let your students know the pros and cons of joining a classroom.


Duolingo isn't only for classrooms. Even the Duolingo for Schools interface isn't only for classrooms. Any real teacher with real students can use the interface to monitor their students' use of Duolingo.

Using a Duolingo Classroom won't give your students access to any features of Duolingo that they can't use equally well without being members of it, though. Classrooms are just for monitoring students and setting assignments, it wouldn't let you correct their mistakes any more than you can already do.

You could easily create a classroom for your students to join, or you could simply let them use the site / app between your lessons, and discuss their progress when you see them.


Just make many classes, or alternatively create a classroom with all of your students.


Hi there, thanks for your answer, the thing is that I teach French and English. Can I make a bilingual classroom? can students have different levels? Looking forward to an answer, cheerios


vivisaurus said "You can create a class with several different languages, but the curriculum page will not be available, as each language direction course is unique". hope this helps!


Yeah! And also you won't be able to create assignments as these are course specific. But you can create a "classroom" for each language to overcome both issues. :)


I am my own teacher and my own classroom. I have to create a new classroom for every language I am learning, if I want to assign specific topics for me to review or to learn.

If you set up two different classes, you would then have one class be "French" and then you choose what the native language is of those students. The other class would be "English" and then you would choose those students native language.


I'm not sure why you would want to assign yourself topics to learn. If you want to study something using Duolingo, you don't need to be a member of a classroom, you can just click on the skill and start doing the lessons.


I am fully aware of that. I have found that where an organization is put into place, motivation follows. ;) I went from high tailing it through Irish and German to quitting, to taking language study more seriously.

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