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Taking days off of duolingo practice.

How do users on here deal with this ? Is it better to use duolingo for a few days and take a break from it for a couple?

February 11, 2013



I think a little every day is better than doing it for hours and hours at a time.


I never missed a day until I mastered all the French units. It took me 3 months and every single day my "coin" stack was full (i.e. I got 91 or more skill points every day). I appreciated those stacks very much because they motivated me even when I was not very much inclined to study. Sometimes when I was too busy or tired I just refreshed some of older skills or did translations, thus earning points more quickly.

Taking a break is not bad if your willpower and motivation are strong enough to get you back to class after a while.


Do you think it would be wise if I invested more time each day? Because when I tried that for awhile with french, I had a hard time doing it.


That depends on whether you want to learn French or not. If you really do, you don't think about time, you just use every opportunity to study, to read, to listen and to watch.


I try to look for french films. However, when I use duolingo for awhile I either feel that my brain is fried, or lose at the study units, or both.


I try to practice daily. Sometimes, though, I find that even a few days off can rejuvenate you. So like work, I take weekends off ha.

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