"Sunday afternoon"

Translation:prynhawn dydd Sul

November 2, 2016



Isn't there suppost to be a "dydd" in between Prynhawn and Sul?

February 18, 2017


When do we use "prynhawn dydd Sul" or "prynhawn Sul"?

November 1, 2018


It makes no real difference. This is explained in the course notes.

November 1, 2018


what's the difference between ddydd and dydd?

November 26, 2018


When we want to say that we are just doing something on a particular day, we change dydd xxx to ddydd xxx, where the initial d- takes a soft mutation to dd-. (This is because the name of the day is being used as an adverb.)

In 'good Welsh' It is usual to mutate the first element in an adverbial expression such as this one, describing WHEN I am working:

  • dydd Llun - Monday

  • Dw i'n gweithio ddydd Llyn - I am working ON Monday

(d)dydd Llyn meaning (on) Monday in this case.

Not everybody does this, however, especially in casual usage.

"ar ddydd Gwener" usually has the meaning "on fridays".

Again, this distinction is not always made in casual Welsh.

November 27, 2018


The extra d in "ddydd" basically makes it ON (whatever day).

Eg. "Thursday" - "dydd Iau"

"On Thursday" - "ddydd Iau"

December 8, 2018
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