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Where is the vocabulary list?

Dear language learners,

I just started using duolingo again with the new design and I just can't find the vocabulary list of all my words anymore. Does this feature not exist anymore?

February 17, 2014



a simple vocab list for review is essential. please restore this page without delay!


I also miss the Vocabulary Lists! I really hope the 'new way to view' is up and running soon...


We took the vocab page out in the new design. We are working on a new way to view your vocabulary.


Ahhhh noooooo, I used that vocab page non-stop. Not being being able to see the other words I had learnt but have since forgotten is really frustrating....


Could you say something about when you expect this feature to be back? A week? A month? A year? Lots of people (me included) really miss the vocabulary!


And now? Where is the new way?


Yes, a vocab list would be superb! I love this app. German now, Spanish next. someday Mandarin??


Like HalvorSa said, any idea when it will actually be back?


I have been wondering this as well and I am waiting for it to be returned to the page.


Same here. I can't study without vocab so I'm just review the previous lessons until hopefully vocab comes back.


In the meantime I have downloaded some other programs onto my phone to try to review vocab, but they obviously are not reviewing the same words I've learned through duolingo. Definitely miss having vocab review.


It would be really nice to have the feature, or at least a place where the learned words can be viewed / downloaded.

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