"Дайте один квиток, будь ласка."

Translation:Give me one ticket, please.

November 2, 2016

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Would a native speaker mind commenting on the difference in connotation between "Дайте один квиток..." and "Дайте мені один квиток..."?


Including "Give me" is unnatural and arguably rude. The conventional request is "One ticket, please".


I'm stuck on Give me one ticket, please. Have typed it several times but its not working, HELP!


There is no 'me' in that sentence. !


The problem is that no-one would say in English "Give one ticket..." and "Give me..." often sounds rude. If you look constantly for exact translations, you will not speak the language even if you study it for 200 years. If you have longer than that, fine. Most of us do not and must leave you behind, still searching for exact translations.

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