Translation:Are you showering?

November 2, 2016

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Is there a difference between "zuhanyzik" and "zuhanyozik"?


No, they are the same verb, just slightly different variants.


What are the morphemes in this?


shower (noun) = zuhany


"Do you have a shower?", was not correct.

Should I report it to Duolingo?


Well, the English "Do you have a shower" could be referring to the equipment for taking a shower. Cf. "Do you have a bathtub." In that sense, a native English speaker might utter your sentence.

On the other hand, if the meaning is to take a shower, then it is very unlikely that a native speaker would utter your sentence in isolation. It would have to be part of a longer sentence such as "Do you have a shower every day."

But you could use the progressive (-ing) tense here: "Are you having a shower?" = "Are you taking a shower?" = "Are you showering?"


That suggests do you ever shower rather than in a short time frame - and definitely not whether you are doing it right now.


Duo was quite happy with my response, "Are you showering?" This is an everyday English expression in my household.


I would not report it, as people tend not to say 'have a shower' in the same way that they say 'have a snack,' or 'have a break.' You could ask, as ion1122 points out, if a person has a shower in their bathroom, but that is a different question, and in this case the context makes it clear that the question is about the verb 'to shower' = zuhany.


------- isn't the infinitive: zuhanyozni ? . . .

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Yes. "zuhany" is the noun - shower.


"Are you having a shower" is not a familiar phrase in the English I speak, just fyi in accurate English rendition. It would be rather "taking a shower" which doesn't technically make sense but is more correct idiomatically for current usage.


Depends where you live I suspect. "Having a shower" sounds fine to me.


It was always " taking a shower " and " having a bath" . But now Duolingo brought us new tranlation !!! Am I right or not? Please one of you answer mi. Thank you.


All the following are possible in English:
taking a shower
taking a bath
having a bath
having a shower

Nowadays most Americans would use "taking", I would say. But "having" is not wrong.

There is not much difference, if any, between the two verbs here. I would say that "having" suggests that you are taking more time and enjoying the experience, whereas "taking" is just neutral.

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