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"The friends are eating the cookies."

Translation:Οι φίλοι τρώνε τα μπισκότα.

November 3, 2016



I know it was a wrong answer " Οι πάπιες τρων τα cookies." but I noticed that the word "cookies" was not written with the Greek alphabet, do certain loan words retain the Latin Alphabet when written in Greek sentences?

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In formal written Greek, you should not use Latin script. On the internet (which is informal), if you search some cookies recipes you will find either cookies or κούκις. This happens with very small part of loanwords, though. One would never say "Το computer μου¨" αλλά "Το κομπιούτερ μου" etc.


Why is the word "κουλουρακια" not an acceptable substitute for cookies? Every grandmother offers you a κουλουρακι, not a μπισκοτο. Or is that considered a regional thing?

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